We get a ton of messages every day at EK for all sorts of reasons, but sometimes those emails from collectors come with incredible stories.

Here's one about a collector who's life was saved thanks to quick thinking and a sharp knife.

"So a couple months ago I was driving a couple hundred miles cross country to my brother’s wedding. I was driving alone and had been working a shift the night before that I couldn’t  get out of. 

So I wasn’t able to get on the road until like 9 pm the night before.

So yeah, there I am, driving alone through hundreds of miles of dimly lit roads, tired from work and sleep deprived. It’s like 2 am at this point and of course I started to nod off. 

I’m trying to stay awake but I just can’t manage it.

Next thing I know I’m in the air!

I’m still kinda hazy on exactly what happened, but there was a turn in the road around where I crashed so I figure I drove straight off the road over the drop and into a lake or something on the other side.

So now I’m freaking out because I crashed into the water, and the water’s starting to fill up the car. I remembered hearing somewhere that you’re supposed to roll your window down in that kinda situation and swim out, so I do, but I can't get out because my seatbelt was jammed somehow.

So now the car’s filling up even faster and I can’t get out, so I’m scrambling around trying to find something to help myself when I remembered I had my knife clipped to my pocket. So I get out the knife, it’s a galaxy flip knife I bought from EK for work, and I just start sawing at the seatbelt.

All I can say is thank god EK sharpens their knives well, cause if not for that I wouldn’t have been able to cut my self out of that death trap in time.

So yeah, I cut myself out of the car, swam outta the lake, and had to hike a couple miles to a gas station to call for help.


So lesson learned. Don’t drive sleep deprived, and carry a sharp knife.”